February 1, 2018
Our new location waiting area is located on the right side of SMART SIXTY-SIX behind the first set of yellow doors
Welcome to Body Holistics

Holding you in the highest regard 

Body Holistics we specialize in the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of lymphedema and pain from orthopedic, soft tissue and muscular dysfunction. We use a systems approach and examine the inter-relationship of parts relative to the current dysfunction to find the "cause" of the problem.  This enables us to work toward reintegration of these systems for the restoration of health and mental well-being. 

Care for your Body, Mind and Spirit

Services at Body Holistics are tailored to meet your individual needs.  Combining traditional and holistic methods for the treatment of structural, muscular, soft tissue and lymphatic dysfunction.
Offering Zero Balancing, a powerful form of bodywork that is performed fully clothed.  This technique works to balance the structure and energy of the bones by affecting soft tissue. In addition to providing long lasting pain relief the results offer a calming feeling, mental clarity and improved energy.  

Our services also include therapeutic medical massage, lymphedema treatment, elastic taping, customized therapeutic exercise programs, ergonomic assessments with recommendations, custom foot orthotics and more... all designed to address your specific areas of concern.

The Umbrella of Self Supporting Care

Massage and Bodywork 

Lymphedema Treatments

Elastic Taping

Orthotics and Ergonomics  

  Professional Training


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  Body Holistics
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